Using hybrid work to create a strong culture

Australia, Mar 23, 2023

Published by Digital Nation
Author: Athina Mallis

Organisations are prioritising a strong culture in both the remote and office work environments as they implement hybrid work plans.  

Anthony Woodward, CEO of Logicalis Australia, shared how his organisation has embraced hybrid work and the importance of in-person interactions. During the pandemic, some employees thrived while working from home, while others craved more interpersonal connections. Woodward highlighted the challenge of onboarding new employees remotely, as they missed out on building a strong affinity with the organisation and establishing networks.  

To address this, Anthony emphasised the value of bringing new employees together with experienced staff for mentoring and support. In terms of technology, Logicalis had the necessary infrastructure to support remote work but had to upgrade some office technology to meet employees' expectations. The goal was to provide an office environment that matched the functionality and experience employees enjoyed while working from home. 

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