Red Hat OpenShift on Dell - Delivered by Logicalis Australia

Australia, Jul 26, 2023

Published by CIO Magazine
Author: Logicalis

The widespread use of technology and cloud services has led to added complexity and technology sprawl. Organisations can unintentionally end up with a multi-cloud environment, causing data duplication, increased staffing needs, and security risks.

To address these challenges, businesses are seeking a cost-effective and consistent approach in the multi-cloud era. Red Hat OpenShift offers a potential solution, enabling organisations to use Kubernetes containers across different infrastructures without needing separate skills and tools for each platform.

Red Hat OpenShift offers benefits like consolidating skills and tools onto a single platform, providing flexibility in deploying applications across data centres, public clouds, and edge computing, leading to significant cost savings.  This choice of container platform prevents vendor lock-in, facilitates smooth application migration, and ensures optimal performance when combined with Dell Technologies' infrastructure.

Logicalis, as a partner, can assist in creating an optimised platform that integrates Red Hat OpenShift and Dell Technologies, streamlining operations, reducing costs, enhancing security, and simplifying multi-cloud environments for digital transformation and application modernisation projects.

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