Delivering Digital Transformation for Global Mining

Reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving safety and operational security in the digital transformation of mining companies

What's going on in the mining market

Reduction in accidents involving mobile equipment in underground mines through the introduction of technological advancements such as proximity detection systems
Cost savings in maintenance and operational expenses due to the adoption of automation and digital technologies in mining operations
Cost savings through reduced resource consumption, improved operational efficiencies, and enhanced reputation, by integrating sustainable practices in mining operations

Key mining challenges

At Logicalis, we collaborate with mining companies worldwide, frequently addressing one or more of the following challenges:

Safety challenges in mining operations

Mining firms encounter a multitude of safety hurdles stemming from the perilous environment inherent in their activities, such as structural collapses, equipment malfunctions, and exposure to toxic materials.

The presence of heavy machinery in remote areas intensifies these risks, compounded by dependence on subcontractors and the fluidity of safety regulations.

Addressing these challenges necessitates a holistic strategy that incorporates technology, protocols, and a proactive attitude toward risk management. Enhancing metrics like the total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) and lost time injury frequency rate is pivotal in this endeavor.

Cost optimisation in mining operations

Mining enterprises grapple with the complexities of cost optimization attributed to variables such as volatile commodity prices, escalating energy and labour expenditures, and deteriorating infrastructure. Moreover, distant operational sites escalate transportation outlays.

Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental considerations holds paramount importance. Embracing sustainable methodologies and integrating technological advancements offer avenues for alleviating these obstacles, fostering sustained profitability over time.

The key is knowing when and how, to address emerging mining technologies that can reduce ongoing costs and offer opportunities for automation and related benefits.

Sustainability challenges in mining

Mining companies face sustainability challenges intertwined with cost optimisation needs. This is often compounded due to the mines hard to reach or difficult locations requiring additional resources to access the site. Balancing economic viability with environmental and social concerns is key, requiring investments in sustainable practices despite potential initial cost increases.

However, embracing sustainability can lead to long-term benefits like improved efficiency and stakeholder relations, ensuring the industry's resilience.

How can we address these challenges


Reducing injuries, improving the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR), reducing the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate, workplace fatalities and reducing safety related risks are of paramount importance. At Logicalis, we offer specialised global solutions to help address these challenges: 

People and asset tracking systems in mining optimise safety and efficiency by monitoring personnel and equipment locations in real-time.

Digital signage in mining companies provides real-time communication of essential information and safety alerts to personnel across diverse environments.

Cisco Expert on Demand solution offers mining companies access to specialised expertise remotely, facilitating timely troubleshooting, network optimisation, and support to ensure seamless operations.

Video analytics and motion detection technology aid mining companies in promptly identifying and responding to security threats and safety concerns.

Cost optimisation

Cost optimisation strategies in mining focus on streamlining operations, leveraging technology, and maximizing resource efficiency to improve profitability and sustainability amidst fluctuating market conditions and operational challenges. 

Energy-efficient technology adoption in mining leads to cost savings while promoting sustainability and maintaining productivity.

Optimise costs by facilitating efficient communication and data transfer across operations.

Advanced networking solutions can underpin the use of innovate technology to further enhance operations 24x7 such as autonomous vehicles.

Networking solutions can enable better collaboration among teams, suppliers, and partners, facilitating faster decision-making and problem-solving, further contributing to cost optimisation efforts.


Achieving carbon reduction goals and delivering sustainability objectives is a key business objective. At Logicalis, We can help improve your sustainability posture through our solutions: 

Networking solutions, utilising smart sensors and IoT devices, offer real-time data on energy, water, and emissions, aiding mining companies in optimising resource usage and identifying areas for improvement.

Networking solutions enable remote monitoring and control of equipment, reducing the need for onsite personnel and minimising the environmental footprint associated with transportation and travel.

Better management and monitoring of resources, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing environmental impacts.

Utilise Logicalis Managed Services to reduce carbon in your supply chain.

Advanced Networking Solutions to empower your business

Advanced networking solutions are essential in tackling the complex challenges of safety, cost optimisation, and sustainability in mining operations. At Logicalis, we provide our Intelligent Connectivity suite of network services, such as SD-WAN, SSE, SASE, SD-Access, P5G, and more, to empower mining companies in efficiently achieving their safety, cost, and sustainability objectives.

Why Logicalis?

  • Mining Experience: Leveraging our extensive mining expertise and global customer base, Logicalis utilizes real-world use cases to deliver tailored solutions for all clients, drawing on a wealth of experience from diverse mining operations worldwide.
  • Global Delivery: With our global reach, Logicalis ensures consistent and seamless service delivery for international mining customers, simplifying cross-border operations and reducing complexity for multinational companies.
  • Local Presence: Backed by dedicated teams of mining experts in each region, Logicalis offers a local touch while addressing complex challenges directly with mines. By tapping into our global expertise, we deliver customized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Quote from Roland Plett

"Logicalis stands out as a great choice for global mining companies to partner with, given their extensive experience in the mining sector, their proven track record of advanced networking solutions, and their network of local regional experts who are adept at managing local relationships."
Roland Plett Head of Mining, Cisco

Partnership blueprint

Partnerships and interrelationships are vital for mining companies to access specialised expertise and resources, fostering innovation and tailored solutions to address industry challenges. 

Working with Logicalis, we are able to utilise our expertise in working with IT/OT partners to align and provide you with access to cutting-edge technologies, regulatory insights, and industry best practices, ultimately driving operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability in mining operations. 

Global success

Logicalis awarded Global Sustainability Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2023

Cisco recognises Logicalis' outstanding sustainability performance and success in helping customers reduce the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure across the globe.

Logicalis named Global Enterprise Networking & Meraki Partner of the Year 2023

For the 2nd year running, Logicalis is delighted to be recognised for this prestigious award.

Logicalis US wins Managed Services Partner of the Year for Americas 2023

Cisco partner awards recognise top performing partners demonstrating service excellence and innovation

Our mining success stories

Revolutionising mining operations with integrated communication solutions

A prominent Chilean mining company partnered with Logicalis to overcome operational challenges, including open-pit communications, new project execution, remote site connectivity, back-office automation, IT operations continuity, and network equipment renewal.

Read our solution for this client

Advancing connectivity and reliability with Private Wireless Networks

An international fertilizer company implements private 4G/5G networks to enhance reliability, stability, and reduce latency.

Addressing communication challenges for an international copper producer

Working with Logicalis, a leading international copper producer based in Chile, radically overhauled its complex communication and IT infrastructure.

Enhancing operational efficiency and security for a global gold mining company

A global leader in the gold mining industry, maintains a significant presence in South Africa, with operations extending to Papua New Guinea.

Transforming mining operations through network modernisation and automation

Logicalis supported a customer to modernise the plants of one of the world's largest iron ore producers.

Optimising cloud infrastructure management for a global mining company

A multinational metals, mining, and logistics corporation collaborated with Logicalis to optimise global operations and streamline its digital transformation.

Helping our customers succeed

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Mining World Tour - come and see us

This year the Logicalis Mining team are visiting key Industry events to help our customers solve their challenges on safety, cost optimisation and sustainability. We hope to see you there!

EXPORNOR: Antofagasta, Chile - 3-6th June, 2024

EXPONOR, an exhibition held in Antofagasta – Chile every two years, showcases the latest advances aimed at the mining sector. It is a strategic source of information on future investments, and an opportunity to connect on site with companies and exhibitors.

Future of mining: Perth, Australia - 17-18 June

The Future of Mining Perth is a great event to learn, challenge and debate with region’s pioneering innovators to address new solutions.

MINExpo: Las Vegas, Nevada, US - 24-26 September

MINExpo, owned by the National Mining Association, brings together professionals, experts, and decision-makers from the global mining industry.

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