CIOs being enlisted by boards to spearhead strategic initiatives

Australia, Feb 23, 2023

Published by Information Age
Author: David Braue

The Logicalis Global CIO Report 2023 highlights the evolving role of CIOs as strategic drivers of business growth and innovation. They are prioritising the development of new digital services and dedicating more time to innovation and selling ideas to the board. Despite challenges like potential recession and talent shortages, CIOs are stepping up as leaders of transformation. They are also taking on additional responsibilities in business strategy, with a significant percentage already involved in shaping it.  

However, the report reveals a blind spot in cybersecurity, as many organisations make decisions without understanding the specific threats they face. This underscores the importance of CIOs collaborating with cybersecurity leaders to protect against potential risks. Overall, CIOs are leveraging their leadership skills and technology expertise to propel digital transformation and foster new revenue streams. 

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