Anthony Woodward CEO of Logicalis Australia on selling the value of security as a business enabler

Australia, Oct 12, 2022

Published by KBKast
Author: Karissa A Breen

In a recorded podcast with Karissa A Breen for KBKAST, Anthony Woodward, CEO Logicalis Australia talks about how to turn cyber security into a business enabler within your organisation. Anthony shares tips on how you can sell the value of security throughout the business and shift the view of security from that of being just a cost centre.  

Anthony suggests that… “it’s one of those scenarios where you have the conversation in relation to what the potential lost revenue might be. I think once organisations can see others who have had significant downtime because of a security incident, security ransom attack or those sorts of things, that suddenly starts to light up conversations. The cost of doing security at least medium to well is quite easily justified then”.   

You can hear the full episode here:


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