Logicalis Inaugural Industry Strategy Day – Accelerators of Innovation

Australia, Feb 24, 2022

Melbourne, Australia – 24 February 2022: Logicalis Australia, a global IT solutions and managed service provider, recently collaborated with several of its key partners - Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Commvault, Nutanix and HP for its inaugural Industry Strategy Day 2022..

To compete in the modern marketplace, businesses need to be able to adapt to opportunities and challenges in real-time, requiring unprecedented digital agility and flexibility. Logicalis Australia, and its partners, understand that strong customer relationships have become a critical business priority. 

Many industry leaders are having to rethink their business strategies, and are prioritising innovation, business adaptability and customer experience more than ever. Speaking about the industry-leading initiative, Anthony Woodward, CEO Logicalis Australia, said: “Our customers continue to seek valued partners to enable their strategic business outcomes. As Architects of Change™, we can help them realise their investment in IT transformation to support their agility, growth, and efficiency to succeed.” 

“The Logicalis Industry Strategy Day gave us the opportunity to bring together key vendor partners and our inspiring community of industry professionals to collaborate and think about how we can deliver ‘out of the box solutions’ for our customers," said Lisa Fortey, Victorian Sales Manager, Logicalis Australia. 

Logicalis has recently outlined the following FY22 strategic priorities:

  • Support our customers as they begin or continue their digital transformation journey.
  • Develop new lifecycle solutions built around the hardware and software of Logicalis’ most strategic vendor partners to enable digital transformation.
  • Scale new solutions globally to deliver the best outcomes to customers.
  • Continue to build a global services organisation to deliver exceptional, best-in-class services to our customers no matter where they are located. 

“During the pandemic, digital's been a guiding light for many organisations in Australia. The relatively high degree of digitalisation in Australia has enabled many business and government organisations to continue functioning throughout the crisis.  Microsoft sees Australia as a significant location for innovation globally and we look forward to working with partners like Logicalis, and our joint customers to be the accelerators of that innovation” said Brett Lightfoot, Director of Industry, Microsoft Australia. 

Logicalis believes that sustainability or de-carbonisation is a key area of focus for businesses going into 2022.

Technology gives businesses the opportunity to develop their approaches to reducing their carbon footprint. Logicalis is proud to partner with vendors who have sustainability as part of their vision for a better future. One such partner is NetApp, who joined Logicalis in supporting local Melbourne duo Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi, founders of Good Edi, the takeaway edible coffee cup, during the industry strategy day.

“To succeed in the digital-first era, businesses must re-evaluate their corporate strategy and invest in strategic partnerships and innovation. NetApp was honoured to join other industry leaders in celebrating Australia’s digital transformation potential at Logicalis’ Inaugural Industry Strategy Day. Our joint project supporting Good Edi’s vision to reduce the harmful impact of landfill on our planet is a true showcase of how technology innovation solves environmental issues, said Neville James, Director of Channel, NetApp Australia and New Zealand. 

CIOs are spending more time on innovation, with three quarters stating they have increased their innovation efforts, according to the 2021 Global CIO Survey from Logicalis of over 1000 CIOs worldwide. Through a globally connected network of specialist hubs, sector-leading experts (in education, financial services, government, healthcare, retail and more) and key partnerships including Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Commvault, Nutanix and HP, Logicalis is focused on designing, supporting, and executing customers’ digital transformation for innovation.

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About Logicalis: 

Logicalis Australia enables our customers' digital transformation: we provide technology solutions that drive business outcomes and enable greater value from IT investments. Our expertise helps transform business operations, making them more flexible, efficient, and productive. We work with customers across the corporate and government sectors to achieve these outcomes. Logicalis Australia is a division of the Logicalis Group, a global IT Solutions Integrator who employs 6500+ staff, across 65 locations worldwide. 

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